• 客户/client :     中山火炬开发区
  • 项目地点/location :     中山
  • 项目面积/space :     xxxxx
  • 参考造价/price :     xxxxx
  • 年份/year :     2017年4月



Zhongshan Torch Development Zone is a national high-tech zone co-founded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Guangdong Provincial Government and Zhongshan Municipal Government in 1990. Above the 70-square-kilometer land live 230,000 people, and gathered famous enterprises from over 20 countries and regions. There are more than 1000 industrial corporations, among which , almost 20 are Global 500. Its foreign exchange earned through exports ranks among the top 10 in China, and it owns a national health technology industrial base, a Chinese packaging and printing base, a Chinese electronic base, a Chinese export base of advanced technology products, an exampling base (Zhongshan) of industrialized Chinese technological achievement, a national equipment manufacturing base(Zhongshan) of torches and a Chinese green food industrial base. With these seven state-entitled bases which all ranks the top in China, with five major industrial themes including electric information, medicine health, package printing, chemistry and auto parts, with four new emerging competitive industries, namely equipment manufacturing, energy saving and new energy, microelectronic and communication, and biotechnology, it has become a flashing spot of the Pearl River Estuary Economic Circle.